Integrated, consultative strategy led to +29% in sales.

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Through a responsive and omnichannel approach, we’ve helped Lenovo achieve incremental growth in market share and maintain its status as the #1 global PC manufacturer. 



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Since 2013, Lenovo has trusted Premium to represent and showcase its brands in the competitive PC market. In the first year, we gained three market share points within the Windows PC category and have continued to grow Lenovo’s retail business faster than the rest of the category.

Our partnership goes beyond a simple client and provider relationship. Our team is fully engaged in Lenovo’s business strategy. We’ve become a sales extension of the Lenovo brand by continually testing and learning. We understand what resonates with shoppers, and we cultivate passionate brand advocates along with each product sale. 

Dedicated STARS.

Since the inception of the program, Lenovo’s retail reps have transformed into STARS (Selling, Training, And Relationship Specialists). Today, the scope has more than doubled in size with 70+ STARS visiting hundreds of stores across North America. We fulfill merchandising needs, train retail associates on Lenovo computers, Legion computers, and Motorola phones, and sell these directly to shoppers.

At Premium, we believe that data should be at the forefront of all decision-making. Before sending our STARS into the field, we do extensive market research to maximize the impact of their presence. Our in-house analysts pinpoint coverage opportunities utilizing state-of-the-art data analytics tools; we can deploy STARS in the markets and stores where they’re likely to have the most impact. 

Once deployed, we constantly monitor the impact of our STARS presence, using reverse ROI analysis to determine the most effective ways to maintain a positive return on investment. On average, stores with dedicated STARS see a 29% lift in overall sales over stores without STARS. Annually, the team has direct interactions with more than 125,000 shoppers. 

Omnichannel brand expertise.

In addition to in-store representation from STARS, we’ve also worked to deploy product knowledge more efficiently via digital channels. We started with the implementation of Online Brand Champions, who oversee e-commerce reviews, answer consumer questions about the product, and provide personalized online shopping experiences. 

In 2015, we created Lenovo LEARNit, a mobile learning and engagement app owned and operated by Premium. Used to deploy product training courses, contests and incentive programs, retailer employees can gain valuable Lenovo product knowledge and directly connect with Lenovo STARS.  

Lenovo also leans on Premium for digital retail strategy and creative execution. We partnered to improve the consistency of Lenovo’s brand storefronts on North American retailer sites, including We also optimize product detail page image carousels to communicate key product features and benefits to shoppers effectively. 

“Our partnership with Premium is invaluable. The team’s attention to detail, problem-solving, flawless execution and loyalty set Premium apart.”
– Todd Stephens
North American Retail Training Manager

We built sales experts for Lenovo.

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