Stellar smartphone support.

Orchestrating a same-day product launch.

A major smartphone manufacturer challenged Premium to deploy reps to launch its product in stores immediately following the announcement. In just 1.5 days, Premium deployed 1,600 reps who installed 6,400 phones in 2,200 Best Buy and Verizon stores.





Display compliance


Products merchandised


Prior to the launch of the smartphone, Premium reps were told about a significant initiative supporting our client, but were not given specific details or instructions to prepare due to the sensitive nature of the launch. In order to generate hype and excitement without divulging specifics, reps were provided with branded swag and general communications.

Premium created a “war room” with 55 Premium team members ready to support a field team of more than 1,600 reps. After the smartphone’s announcement, war room team members sent out text blasts to the field team releasing the details of the job and instructions. Reps then began executing product installs across 2,200 Best Buy and Verizon stores.

We supported the field with constant inbound and outbound call support to communicate announcements, answer questions and identify challenges throughout the install. Premium Retail Specialists successfully executed 100% of all store locations – meeting the client’s request – and achieved 93% display compliance in just 1.5 days.

We delivered same-day sales for a major smartphone manufacturer.

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