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Premium Online Brand Champions engage with consumers to drive sales, ensure satisfaction and alleviate the impact of negative reviews.



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Today’s buyer provides fact-finding for tomorrow’s shoppers. Consumers turn to reviews of other shoppers to inform their brand preference, purchase decisions and even the amount of money to spend. Shoppers who engage with reviews deliver +138% conversion and +159% in revenue per visitor.

Premium’s online brand champions perform online review management and auditing on behalf of several major brands. They answer simple and complex product feature questions. They provide reassurance to agitated customers or those feeling in over their heads. They offer tips and tricks to ensure the customer understands how to utilize the entire value of their purchase.  

Most importantly, anticipating and addressing shoppers’ needs before, during, and after their purchase, they provide the personalized experience shoppers look for.

We know shoppers search online for product information – whether standing in a store or sitting on the couch at home. And they don’t stop at the information provided directly by a retailer or brand page. Consumers across all categories do their homework regardless of where they buy – checking star ratings, reviews, and unfiltered product photos. Social proof has a powerful psychological effect because consumers perceive it as more authentic and trustworthy feedback.

Consider the widespread impact on a brand’s reputation and sales when reviews and questions go unanswered. It can take only a couple of weeks for over 1,000 customers to go unanswered across a line of products. During the pandemic’s online shopping surge, our team stepped in to respond to 20,000 unanswered product questions and priority reviews for U.S. and Canadian retailers.

Leveraging the product expertise of a dedicated team delivers immediate impact to brand presence across e-commerce. Generally, our standard protocol assumes we engage with new consumer posts within 24 hours. Responding to post-purchase customer reviews is 70-80% of bandwidth. The other 20-30% are product questions coming from consumer prospects looking for reliable answers.

Our brand advocates provide regular insights and trends reporting to inform the brand’s product, social media, and customer support teams. Taken a step further, insights derived from consumers’ digital exhaust can drive new product messaging for product detail pages, YouTube content or product support forums.

“We monitor and respond to hundreds of current cycle SKUs and legacy SKUs. Our average response time is within a day, if not sooner, which is often surprising to shoppers and thrilling for our client and retail partners! “
– Jessi Curtis
VP, Strategic Accounts

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