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As Samsung’s Home Electronics partner of nearly a decade, we continually strive to deliver for one of the world’s flagship brands. With a robust strategy of assisted selling, associate training, digital engagement, data visualization, and display repair & maintenance, our service extends to several product divisions, including Home Appliance, Monitors, New Computing and Mobile Enhancements.

Interactive sales expertise.
Shopping for TVs, appliances, or smart home devices can be daunting with ever-evolving innovation and sophistication. Our team of trainers develops educational content for new Samsung products and technologies as they launch in retail. We provide direct sales guidance to retail associates via Samsung On Command. Online Brand Ambassadors engage with shoppers through live chat.

Performance analytics.
In 2020, we enhanced our market insights by layering NPD market research data with store sales and recommendation rates. Our improved Premium BI dashboards allow stakeholders to distill sales and track inventory by market or retailer, down to the store or product. Access to this data offers a clear view of our in-store execution to identify and resolve gaps more readily.

Flooring compliance is a critical component for Home Appliances. SKUs are often moved or repositioned within stores, leading to lost sales when shoppers can’t locate the demo unit. Our live dashboard captures flooring compliance for refrigerators, washers and dryers, cooking products, and vacuums, guiding our team members to precise locations where follow-up is required.

Display maintenance + repair.
Product displays can trigger a sale and deliver a high-quality brand experience when functioning correctly and cosmetically pristine. Displays are core to shopper perception and are a critical selling tool utilized by retail associates. In addition, broken fixtures can damage the structural integrity and lead to an unsafe shopping environment.

Because store sales correspond directly with display functionality, our dedicated Samsung team resolves technical maintenance issues within 48 hours at covered stores. We call in our syndicated merchandising reps to service uncovered stores as needed. Premium 360 is integrated with the client’s repair and maintenance system enabling us to efficiently manage assets and process orders for replacement parts.

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