A soft landing for Samsung sales professionals.

Simplifying onboarding to hit the ground running.

Premium seamlessly transitioned 99% of the Samsung team in under 4 weeks, creating a soft landing for nearly 300 full-time employees.





New Employees


Team Members Retained


Samsung selected Premium to run its field marketing organization – in doing so, Premium successfully transitioned nearly 300 employees from another third-party service provider to our company.

Significant transitions, aggressive recruiting deadlines, and short program runways are nothing new to Premium. This experience elevates us above the highly commoditized world of staffing and into the role of a business partner capable of quickly fielding a team focused on delivering value, new ideas, and results.

Cross-functional teams collaborated to deliver an incredibly efficient yet welcoming transition process that spanned Premium’s infrastructure. First, Premium’s Human Resources team worked diligently to match the salaries and benefits for the nearly 300 transitioning team members. HR also completed background checks and drug tests before fully onboarding team members.

New employees received an offer kit and email with a welcome video featuring Premium’s CEO, Brian Travers. We guided team members to a custom, password-protected website with transition and onboarding specifics. In addition, we assigned each team member an Onboarding Concierge (OC). OCs were employees’ single point of contact available to answer questions or provide resources. New team members could call or video chat with their OCs as needed to ensure a smooth transition.

OCs helped keep the process moving along so team members could get started with their job responsibilities as soon as possible.

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