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A soft landing for Samsung sales professionals.


Premium seamlessly transitioned 99.2% of the Samsung team in under 4 weeks, creating a soft landing for nearly 300 full-time employees.

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Large transitions, aggressive recruiting, and short deadlines are nothing new to Premium. This is what elevates us above the highly commoditized world of staffing and into the role of a business partner capable of quickly fielding a team focused on delivering value, new ideas, and results.

Samsung selected Premium to run its field marketing organization. In doing so, Premium successfully transitioned nearly 300 employees from another third-party service provider to our company.

What We Did
Associate Training
Brand Advocacy
Field Marketing
Quality Assurance
Retail Consulting
Talent Acquisition


In an approach that spanned Premium’s infrastructure, key departments collaborated to deliver an incredibly efficient transition process supported by creative tools and proven processes.

First, each team member joining Premium was assigned a Human Resources professional acting as an Onboarding Concierge (OC). These OCs were an on-demand resource for questions, concerns, paperwork needs and more. To support the initiative, Premium developed a number of resources including:

  • “Welcome to Team Samsung” video sent to transitioning team members featuring Brian Travers, Premium’s CEO
  • A custom, password-protected website with transition and onboarding specifics

Premium’s Human Resources team worked diligently to match the salaries and benefits for the nearly 300 transitioning team members. This was reflected in the offer kits that OCs deployed to each new employee.

The team of OCs was comprised of HR, Training, and Recruiting professionals. They delivered a single point of contact and a simple process for transitioning team members. They also helped Premium ensure we could efficiently complete the full transition within an aggressive project timeline.

New team members were invited to call or video chat with their OCs as needed to ensure a smooth transition. Premium’s HR team also completed all background checks and drug tests before fully onboarding team members.

Learn more about our brand advocacy solution here.

We did it for Samsung. See how we can do it for you.

“One of Premium’s strengths is its ability to adapt to change. In a technology company, a lot of things happen last minute. Premium is very quick to figure out ways to solve our problems."
– David Bilton, Head of Retail Activation, Nest

Stellar smartphone support.

Premium installed 3,500 phones in 2,000 Best Buy and Verizon stores in just 1.5 days, releasing instructions and deploying 1,600 reps immediately following the new smartphone announcement.