Online products experts delivered 16% sales uplift.

Meeting shoppers where they are.

A shopper’s brand experience is increasingly omnichannel – starting well before they click to make a purchase and continuing well after the sale. Premium On Demand connects shoppers with the product expertise they’re looking for.



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The Premium On Demand platform launched in June 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic forced retailers and brands to connect with shoppers in new ways. Using a combination of Premium technology and talent, we humanized the online shopping experience by delivering personalized product recommendations and subject matter expertise for customers at every stage of the journey.

Online shoppers can click to request a live chat with an expert. We guided in-store shoppers to scan a QR code or text a shortcode. The shopper receives a link and can initiate an on-demand video chat with a certified product expert when they’re ready. Premium On Demand is integrated into four retail e-commerce websites, where we have engaged with more than 37,000 customers thus far.

Premium On Demand extends the reach of our dedicated team of experts, making it possible to engage one-to-one with shoppers nationwide. The majority (60%) of engagements are pre-sale, but post-sale and product set-up make up another 20%.

In less than four months, Premium On Demand delivered a 16% uplift in sales and continues to average a 26% conversion rate. With an average wait time of less than a minute and an 8-minute duration of the call, the service provides speedy consultation without requiring shoppers to drive to a store.  

Premium On Demand experts serve as a trusted resource, offering credible guidance and low-pressure product education. AI-powered chatbots often promise this kind of frictionless interaction, but generic and seemingly endless waiting for responses can leave shoppers craving a quick conversation with an actual human.

Our brand advocates provide regular reporting on customer trends to proactively inform the brand’s product strategy and customer support teams. Premium On Demand engagements deliver qualitative insights that drive messaging to be used across digital channels.

“Our retail partners are demanding omnichannel solutions that put customers first and deliver measurable ROI out of the box. Premium On Demand integrates with our portfolio of in-store initiatives and provides minute-by-minute insights and measures.”
– Nique Fajors

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