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Premium’s Launchpad protocol combines rigid protocols for store mapping, kitting and shipping with robust training, communication and real-time data visualization – all supported by a talented team of Operations Support Specialists.









Premium’s client needed a sound strategy and concrete field infrastructure to ensure its newly launched smartphone was readily available for customers to demo and purchase. Because the launch was undisclosed to the public, Premium could not provide job specifics to reps ahead of time. Our team had to carefully plan, strategize and communicate to a large field team while maintaining confidentiality.

Premium prepared for the launch by carefully mapping stores and establishing quality assurance infrastructure to resolve challenges quickly. To monitor and interpret execution in real-time, Premium custom-built a robust dashboard with interactive mapping. Two weeks before the launch, reps completed eLearning courses covering the particular skills they would need to succeed.

Premium received and kitted more than 70,000 devices and materials and shipped 2,700 packages to reps across North America. A team of 20-plus Warehouse Specialists and another 20 dedicated FedEx employees filled seven 53-foot trucks at our National Logistics and Distribution Center (NLDC) in St. Louis. Because we established a robust freight infrastructure, 99% of packages arrived as anticipated on day one.

The public announcement served as a starting pistol for deploying more than 4,000 service orders to 1,400 reps. Premium leveraged our livestreaming platform to supplement the prior eLearning course with a more comprehensive video outlining the requirements for execution. Through the interactive platform, reps viewed product details for the first time and asked follow-up questions. Reps could reference additional step-by-step training videos while in-store.

Back in Premium’s Operations Support Center in St. Louis, 65 Support Specialists fielded 2,718 calls and reviewed 94% of field photos while reps were still in the store. They spot checked that graphics were placed correctly and demo product was properly secured, in demo mode and connected to WiFi connectivity, flagging reps to promptly course-correct the errors. Client teams watched as an average of 80 stores were executed per hour – a 127% increase over the prior year’s product launch. Premium BI‘s real-time Launchpad dashboard continually updated to illustrate when stores were in progress and completed. The live dashboard also helped pinpoint challenges at the store level, triggering support staff to connect with the rep.

In just 35 hours, we visited 99% of Best Buy and Verizon stores. By the end of the second day, Premium reps completed visits at 2,230 Best Buy and Verizon stores with 96% compliance – breaking the previous year’s record of 95%.

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