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Premium leveraged its live and on-demand video platform to interact with remote field members and Best Buy employees nationwide retail associates, providing the product training and sales coaching they need.



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Premium’s trainers quickly deployed interactive video training to our remote field team using a customizable live streaming platform. Beyond engaging our internal team members, the platform allowed us to reach and interact with Best Buy sales associates nationwide.

For this client program, we released bi-weekly videos designed to empower team members to meet the evolving needs of the business. At key moments in time, Premium gathered the team for scheduled huddle events. The ongoing live broadcast series reduced travel costs while enabling real-time conversation between HQ and the field.

The live-streamed training events frequently featured product experts to provide a more interactive learning approach beyond static e-learning modules. Team members asked questions of the presenter, gave feedback and shared their experiences and best practices. Best Buy employees could walk away confident to recommend solutions to their customers.

The training team collects weekly reporting from the system to ensure successful completion and comprehension. We identified viewership trends and planned topics for future training with near-instant feedback and insights from our audience.

We conducted 12,000+ personal product trainings with Best Buy Blue Shirts and executed a unified message across 700 U.S. stores. The new approach led to a more consistent rollout, more reps trained in the field, and increased the brand’s rate of recommendation.

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