Premium 360 ensured a compliant retail presence.

Streamlining parts ordering and installation for L’Oreal.

Premium created a custom technology solution based on an in-depth understanding of L’Oreal’s needs at retail.



Months of development


Store orders placed


Parts installed


Every week, Premium merchandisers visited Walmart stores to maintain L’Oreal’s on-shelf availability, correct out of stocks, phantom inventory, and non-compliant displays.

In the first quarter, Walmart updated cosmetic mods for new graphics and products. Once the retailer set the latest mods, we completed compliance audits to ensure consistency for L’Oreal’s family of brands. Previously, these audits had been a cumbersome process navigating more than 50 planogram combinations that varied by individual store layouts.

Premium designed and launched new software that allowed reps to load store-specific mods within Premium 360 on their handheld device. Premium representatives navigated through the mod one section at a time, comparing what was present in the store against the approved planogram they viewed on their phones.

Premium reps more easily audited each store, identifying and ordering missing or broken fixtures, graphics, or parts using the interactive planogram. Once in-store audits were completed, Premium reps would notify the store’s Cosmetics Team Lead of their findings and next steps.

Back at HQ, Premium reviewed the submitted store photos for a second round of quality assurance. We validated the parts and graphics were correct before sending the orders to the manufacturers. From there, L’Oreal produced and shipped updated graphics and replacement parts to Premium reps. Premium installed an average of 60 parts per store. Team members referenced the interactive planogram viewer to ensure they correctly set L’Oreal’s cosmetics wall.

With this new process, we more efficiently improved the customer experience and drove sales for L’Oreal.

We deliver brand continuity for L’Oreal.

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