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Working parents, we’re with youThis year has been the most challenging year ever juggling home and work responsibilities – whether you’ve been supporting kids, nieces or nephews, grandkids or puppies! (No seriously.) 

For Kendra, a Merchandiser on Team Walmart, home life became even more challenging when her husband called to say she needed to hurry home because their dog’s water broke.

The struggle has been real, but we made it to September 16, National Working Parents Day! Congratulations to youAnd if you’re one of the friendsneighbors, aunts, uncles, or grandparents pitching in to help another family, thank you!   

Some households found success in keeping things as normal as possible, despite interruptions 24/7. Others decided to throw their old routine out the window and have created a new normal. Across the board, Premium parents made significant lifestyle changes to accommodate work during the pandemic, sometimes without access to childcare. 

Flexibility in our jobs and at home remains crucial. Field Rep Glennda stays home during the day now while her two girls are in school online. When her husband gets home, they swap, and he finishes homework while she goes to work. She says, “It has been an adventure, but we’ve been making it work!”  

Left: Kasey, a Premium field rep and student, has been completing virtual schooling alongside her kids. 
Middle: Leslie, IT Support Manager, created functional learning spaces for her kids that are, “mobile, encourage task-related focus, and let’s be real, limit siblings from bothering one another.”   
Right: Daughter of Jessi, VP of Strategic Accounts. 


Overall, we know the #PeopleofPremium to be very creative and resourceful bunch who don’t shy away from a challenge. Here are some of our favorite Premium #ParentHacks – all implemented during COVID-19.  


  • Cookies and juice for the little one and a $5 bill for the 15-year-old to babysit in the car while Mama finishes a service order in the store!Nicole, Retail Merchandiser
  • We change our Wi-Fi password weekly, and they cannot get the new password until chores, reading, etc. are done, so no Fortnite is available until then. I have never seen them spring into action on their to do lists!Jessi, VP – Strategic Accounts
  • “I’m teaching my daughter to crawl on the floor underneath the view of my laptop’s camera (when I forget to lock the door).”Chelsea, Recruiter
  • We built homemade weights out of concrete so we can go out in the yard for family workouts in the evening. It’s a great stress relieverand it burns out all of the kids energy. Hooray for early bedtimes!” – Rian, Client Account Coordinator
  • “Along with virtual schooling, we have added school bells with our Amazon Alexa. She also reminds us nightly to work on our memory verse for the week. My kids listen to her better than they listen to me!CarlaWalmart PSP
  • I use a whiteboard to outline set times including breakfast, showers, lunch, breaks outside in nature, and mom and son time when there is no technology around just us. He has the most amazing ideas and is one of the funniest people I know. I’m a single mom and his laughter is my medicine.Laura, Sales & Training Rep
  • I have my 8-year-old son carry pocket hand sanitizer, and on his watch, I have a reminder to sanitize his hands every 2 hours.Enam, District Manager
  • My oldest has been having a hard time going into middle school. We now take a walk every morning right after we drop his brother off and before I start work, and he has to start online classes. It’s helped him to get some energy out first thing in the morning.Vanessa, Recruiter
  • My garage has become a place of refugeI go out there, sit back in a lawn chair, and listen to music. I lock the door from inside the garage so NO ONE can come in and bother me!Wendy, Recruiter


Additional resources that #PremiumParents have found helpful include: 

Kathy Risch, VP of Insights & Analytics recommends reading Harvard Business Review’s reader suggestions from around the world and tips to help parents and kids handle stress  

Melissa from the Walmart PSP team lives and breathes by her Google Calendar. Everyone has access to it and can add and edit since we can’t always keep up with the constant changes. Need a ride to school on Wednesday? Is a friend coming over Fridayand you want pizza? Put. It. On. The. Calendar.  

Raquel, a Zone Leader, has become a fan of Walmart’s online grocery. “The app was really easy to use, very convenient, and fast. It allowed me to stick within my budget and do it from the comfort of my home. It minimizes the people in-store and allows for vendors and employees to get their work done. 

Kristin, Recruiter, loves Cosmic Kids Yoga and has found it to be a great way to relax with her familyAdditional favorites from across Premium include GoNoodle, VroomPBS KidsABC Mouse and Ducksters as well as programs like Reflex Learning and Lexia Learning. 


Recruiter Kristin enjoys some fresh air with her family.


We’re happy Premium continues to growoffering a home to new employees and expanding our work family. 

Christopher, a Client Account Coordinator who started at Premium in August said, “I hadn’t been working for about 4 months and was very concerned about finances. Premium has provided me the flexibility to take care of my family while supporting my daughter with school. My job is challenging and innovative to help satisfy my career aspirations, and I’m looking forward to a vibrant future with Premium. 

With Q4 around the corner, let’s all take a collective deep breath, and remember we’re #InThisTogether. You don’t have to face the challenges alone. Premium offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to all employees. WorkLifeMatters provides guidance for personal issues and information about other concerns that may affect your life.  




It’s a three-peat! We are proud to announce Premium has been recognized by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as a Top Workplace for the third year in a row.

The Top Workplaces award is based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey. The anonymous survey measures several aspects of workplace culture including alignment, execution, and connection.

Our three-time Top Workplaces win validates the emphasis Premium places on the employee experience.


Premium Culture.

Premium established our Culture Team in December 2016 with the goal of increasing employee engagement, encouraging transparency throughout the workplace and giving back to the community.

In 2019, we doubled the team’s size to assist in growing connections between team members across all levels, functions, and locations.


Premium’s 2020 Culture Team.


The Culture Team leverages employee feedback as we plan future activities. In early 2020, the Culture Team deployed Premium’s first-ever engagement survey to the entire company. Our goal was to identify global wins, opportunities and solicit ideas to make work better for our teams.

We heard from over 2,000 employees – 84% were those who work in retail stores and 10% came from field managers and corporate employees. Based on the results, we’ve renewed our focus on employee learning and development, as well as enhancing the new hire onboarding experience as Premium continues to grow.


Several common threads rose to the top when we asked Premium employees what they liked about working for Premium.


Team member recognition.

In August 2020, we rolled out our field recognition program called Premium Proud. This brand-new program identifies and rewards top-performing field team members. Premium Proud is a way for all of Premium to witness our field team’s wins, even when they’re tackling projects solo. Created and developed by Premium’s Culture Team, we encourage nominations year-round and identify $250 winners quarterly.





New benefits.

Also new in 2020, Premium has partnered with Hooray Health to provide our part-time team members with excellent employee benefits with economical options for them and their families. Our new health benefit options eliminate high costs and hidden fees associated with care.





Accessible leadership.

Each quarter, we host livestream interviews with company leaders called Premium Now. During these livestreams, we ask Premium team leads questions about key industry trends, best practices, a day in the life, and more.

Premium CEOs Brian and Kevin Travers have been featured guests on Premium Now multiple times. They’ve committed to transparency, and have covered the state of the business, wins and challenges in our virtual town halls.

CEOs Brian and Kevin Travers joined Director of Marketing Sarah Pitkin Styers to discuss the new age of retail, execution after COVID, state of the company and more at our Mid-Year Town Hall.


Research shows that organizations with the Top Workplace designation are known to attract better talent, experience lower turnover, and are more equipped to deliver profitable results.

Cheers to three years as a Top Workplace – thanks to all of our employees for bringing Premium’s culture to life every day!

We’d love for you to join the Premium family. Apply today! #WeArePremium



Premium always embraced an entrepreneurial spirit, stemming from its founder Ron Travers. For nearly 30 years, Ron climbed Nabisco’s corporate ladder to become a Regional VP of Sales. When Nabisco was acquired in the early 1980s, Ron found himself at a crossroads. He decided to build his own company to market great brands, coordinate in-store services with food brokers and retailers, and deliver results by deploying experienced people. 

In April 1985, Premium Retail Services was born. Thirty-five years later, Premium is bigger and better than ever under the leadership of Ron’s sons – CEOs Brian and Kevin Travers. In honor of their father’s legacy, Premium celebrates Founder’s Day each year on Ron’s birthday (June 29). This year, we expanded our celebration by introducing Premium’s first-ever Founder’s Week.

Each day we focused on one of Premium’s five core beliefs.


Family – Day 1

To kick off Founder’s Week 2020, Brian and Kevin Travers remembered their father on his birthday.

Ron holds a special place in our hearts, especially for a few long-term Premium employees who shared personal memories of him:

Karen Holland – Sr. Director, Client Services

While my husband was deployed in Afghanistan, Ron checked in with me regularly to see how my kids and I were doing. It meant the world to know someone in his position took the time to care about his employees. He paid the postage for all employees who wanted to send care packages to my husband’s unit – who loved all of the goodies sent by team Premium!

Sue Kohlberg – Director, Benefits

I have so many fond memories of Ron, but one of my favorites is when Ron was in my office, and he says in a puzzled voice, “Why do you have that picture in your office?” I respond to him, “What picture?” and Ron then points to a picture of my daughter Kayla. I respond to him, “That’s Kayla.” He replied, “I know that is Kayla, but why do you have her picture in your office?” At this point, I thought Ron was losing it a little. I then say, “Umm…Kayla is my daughter.” He then starts to laugh and says, “Oh my goodness, I thought that was my granddaughter Kayla. She looks just like our Kayla when she was young!”

Jill Pavlik – Operations Support Specialist

After my dad passed away, I was told that Ron would stop by my desk to check up on me even though I wasn’t back at work yet. That warmed my heart. Ron was a great leader and genuine. He was funny as well, always made me smile!!


Partnership – Day 2

Our employees’ and clients’ success is built on strong relationships – working together to deliver the best. In honor of partnership, Premium team members discovered their creative personality type with this short, fun quiz. Understanding ourselves helps maximize our potential, creating better partnerships.

Team members shared their results with co-workers to find their collaborative matches! Find out for yourself – are you the Thinker, Adventurer, or Innovator?


Creativity – Day 3

We are committed to breaking the mold as we solve retail challenges and deliver results for our clients. To inspire creativity from our team (and enjoy a mid-week brain break), we developed a coloring page featuring our founder, Ron Travers. Here are some of our favorites!


Integrity – Day 4

In early 2020, we deployed a company-wide survey on culture and employee engagement. The results revealed that our core belief of integrity resonates most with Premium team members. We believe in doing what’s right, even when no one’s watching. This aspect of our culture stems directly from our founder, Ron.

To celebrate integrity, our Premium family donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of the US and Canada. Brian and Kevin were gracious enough to give a large sum to help Premium raise $5,000 for Boys & Girls Clubs!

This gift will help Premium’s and Boys & Girls Clubs’ efforts to support underserved minority areas across the US and Canada.

Read more about Premium’s long-term partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs and the opening of St. Louis’ first Best Buy Teen Tech Center.


Eclipsing Expectations – Day 5

When your name is Premium, people expect a higher level of service. Meeting goals is simply a stepping stone to delivering beyond what’s expected. We asked team members and clients to nominate Premium employees whose performance goes above and beyond.

We received over 100 submissions and randomly selected five employees as recipients of our first Eclipsing Expectations Awards! Each winner received a $100 USD/CAD gift certificate to our Premium Store.

Congratulations to all!

Premium team members, thank you for your participation and demonstration of our beliefs throughout the year. A huge thanks to Brian and Kevin Travers and the Culture Team for making our first-ever Founder’s Week a success. We’re already brainstorming for next year!

Check out all of our Founder’s Week fun over on our social channels using #PremiumFoundersWeek.

Are you interested in becoming a part of the Premium family? Join our team at