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Founded in 1985 by retail executive Ron Travers, Premium remains independently owned and led by Ron’s sons Brian and Kevin as co-CEOs. We still have the heart of a small company despite our continuous growth in the U.S. and Canada.

Often candidates are drawn to Premium because they’re looking for flexibility, variety and growth opportunities. And we strive to ensure our team members enjoy their job, feel valued, and emulate our core beliefs – which shine in everything we do.


Our core beliefs


We take pride in being a family-first company. We empower our people to prioritize their support systems at home (whether family or friends), so we’re equipped to deliver more for our clients and our teams at work.


We’re more than a vendor, we’re an ally. Our cross-functional teams get in the trenches to drive winning retail strategies and performance for our clients.


If the solution doesn’t exist, we build it. Where others deliver “service in a box,” we’re stretching to find new ways to surprise and delight shoppers and our clients.


Doing the right thing means everything. Honesty and transparency are key traits as we build trusted relationships with our teammates, clients and retail partners.

Eclipsing Expectations

When your name is Premium, we set expectations high and aim to achieve even higher. Our clients count on us for high-caliber talent.


The Culture Team

In 2016, Premium created the Culture Team, designed to give voice to employees, foster engagement and give back to our community. Culture team members represent a range of functions and locations to ensure diverse perspectives and opinions.


Environmental sustainability

At our National Logistics & Fulfillment Center, we facilitate recycling or upcycling efforts when clients refresh their in-store displays. We dismantle the displays down to their raw materials to move the various components back up the supply chain or repurpose them for community projects. Find out how we do it here.

Our St. Louis and Bentonville-based team members also volunteer each quarter to help pick up trash on the highway in support of the statewide Adopt a Highway program.


Our commitment to the communities we serve

To date, the Premium family has donated more than $22,000, supplied nearly 4,500 items and provided more than 45,000 meals to families in need.

Best Buy Teen Tech Centers

Premium has committed $1.4 million dollars to open 7 Best Buy Teen Tech Centers across the United States (locations in St. Louis and Orlando are already open). At each location, teens from disinvested communities learn critical skills through tech education to develop a foundation for future success. You can learn more about this initiative here.


Diversity + inclusion

Premium believes team member diversity challenges us to think outside of the box and grow together. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Premium prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, creed, ancestry, national origin, political beliefs, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, pregnancy, marital status, age, religion, veteran status, or physical or mental disability. We are proud to have a team that is 57% female and 42% people of color.

During Premium’s 2021 celebration of diversity, our employees and CEOs raised $6,200 for a variety of organizations supporting the LGBTQIA community, cultural reconciliation, and the fight against racial injustice.


Employee recognition and development

#PeopleofPremium – an initiative to give our team members a glimpse into the lives of Premium people. Each month, we highlight stories, advice or memories of someone from the Premium family. Take a look at some of the awesome features here.

Premium Proud, our employee recognition program developed by the Culture Team, rewards top-performing field team members.

We are committed to helping our employees #GrowWithPremium. Premium’s training team developed the University of Premium (UP)  for self-guided career and personal development. We’re proud to have promoted 18% of our field team members in 2020.

An organization’s culture consists of the beliefs and behaviors that employees share and use on a daily basis. It also drives the overall performance of the organization. We’re proud Premium’s culture has been recognized with the following awards:


Join us in our pursuit of greatness, both professionally and in the community. Apply today at!
















As a job seeker, it’s exciting when you score an interview, but it can also be intimidating. So, we asked a few of our Premium Recruiters for tips to help you shine.


Our Recruiter Panel

They interview prospective Premium team members all year long. On average, Premium’s talent acquisition team interviews 1,000+ candidates a week! Sharry recruits for merchandising roles, Candy and Wendy recruit for consumer electronics sales roles, and Madison recruits for Canada.


What does Premium look for in a candidate? 

It’s always a bonus when we find candidates who have previous retail merchandising or sales experience, especially within consumer electronics. Regardless of work experience, energy, attitude, and self-confidence go a long way.

Candidates excel when they demonstrate: 

Enthusiasm: In retail, there has to be a desire to work with the public. We need service-oriented people who are eager and find their energy from interacting with and helping others.  



Curiosity: It’s great when a candidate asks for more details about their job responsibilities. Our clients count on us for a variety of services, so we look for people who are willing to follow instructions and learn new skills from the ground up.



Passion: We love to hear a candidate take pride in their work. When they are proactive about asking how they can be successful at Premium, it shows they’re ready to work hard. 



Adaptability: The retail industry moves fast. Because of this, we must be willing to embrace new opportunities, adjust to unexpected and quickly changing situations and seek to improve continuously. 



Teamwork: Being family-owned, Premium has an entrepreneurial spirit and values collaboration and teamwork. Partnership, integrity, and creativity are some of our core beliefs and are also crucial to how we serve clients and shoppers. 



Commitment: Emphasize your ability to stay organized, meet deadlines on time, and deliver more than the minimumWe look for candidates who want to grow with our company, so expressing a desire to advance tells us you’re determined and goal-oriented. 


What if a candidate doesn’t have experience in retail? 

No worries. It’s not required, and it’s never too late to learn. We have many successful team members who have come to Premium without any retail experience.

Don’t count yourself out if you’re a college student, retiree, caregiver, or stay-at-home parent returning to the workforce. Our diversity in backgrounds and experiences is what makes us collectively Premium. You likely have many valuable and transferrable skills to apply in retail.

There are hundreds of examples:  


What questions should I ask in my interview? 

The job posting gives a great high-level overview of what you’ll do in the role, but it won’t tell you every little detail. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions to ensure the job is the right fit for you. 

  1. What kind of training will I get? 
  2. What does a typical day look like? 
  3. How big is the team I would be a part of? 
  4. Tell me more about X, Y, or Z, listed in the job posting. 
  5. Why is Premium a great place to work? 
  6. If I take this role, where might I be in two or even five years? 


What are your best tips for how to stand out? 

Before applying: 
  • Update your resume to include your current job (or your most recent work experience). You want to inform the recruiter of all your relevant skills because it increases your chances of being selected for an interview.
  • Do one last proofread to ensure your application and resume do not have typos or spelling errors. Premium employees must make good impressions with stores, shoppers and clients. Always take the extra time to ensure you maximize your first impression.
Before the interview: 
  • Pull up the job posting and make a quick list of the things that get you most excited about the role. Think about words in the job posting that describe you, and make sure you highlight those to the Recruiter.  
  • Prepare some questions. If there are sections of the job description that you don’t fully understand, don’t be afraid to ask the Recruiter if they can expand on it. 
  • Do some basic research. If you aren’t familiar with Premium, a great place to start is Premium Retail 101 where you can learn more about what we do in retail. Our Job Spotlight videos also help provide insight into the day-to-day of the job.  
  • Think of your  top five accomplishments or difficult situations you have overcomeJot down the details so you can paint a picture of the situation. What tools were you given? Who did you have to collaborate with? How did you uphold high-quality standards? Did you learn to become more efficient? How did you know you were successful?
During the interview. 
  • Be on time (even a little early) to show us you’re prepared.  
  • Share your excitement about the opportunity. Demonstrating your enthusiasm also excites the Recruiter about you as a candidate. 
  • Smile, and be yourself. Tell us what you’ve achieved in the past and what you’re looking for now. Walk us through the steps you’ve taken to accomplish a project or goal. Sharing these details demonstrates you can do the job. 
After the interview.  
  • Follow-up. It’s a small gesture, but follow-through makes a memorable impression.  
  • Make sure your phone is working, your voicemail is set up, and that it can accept messages. Return calls from the Recruiter promptly and check your emails daily. 
  • Be timely. When you accept a job offer, complete your paperwork promptly. Not only does this demonstrate your ability to stay within a timeline, but it also makes the onboarding process go more quickly for you and the Recruiter.  

Job opportunities at Premium offer a chance to develop new skills and build your career. Search our available opportunities and apply if you haven’t already. We can’t wait to meet you! 



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Premium provides tailored retail strategies and solutions to our clients across the US and Canada, including Quebec. When it comes to the unique needs of the Quebec market, we leverage hundreds of reliable and local retail experts. Our Quebec team members are at the core of our strong support for brands in the region because Quebec is their home – they live in and shop at retailers in the markets they serve. From Best Buy and Walmart to Videotron and Jean-Coutu, Premium is dedicated to the nuances of the Quebec market and to delivering for the brands we serve. Whether it’s merchandising, training, or selling, our team’s passion for supporting their local retailers and communities helps build connections with each store team.

To help demonstrate this passion, we spoke to one of our top Quebec merchandisers about his role with Premium and his dedication to consistently delivering top-notch service.


Meet Stephane St-Aubin. 

In 2017, Stephane joined Premium to take on new challenges. As a part-time team member, he worked a few hours a week in his free time.  He studied media technology at school and explains that while his studies were not directly related to retail, he found his learnings hugely beneficial when executing a more technical display installation. He is able to leverage his more technical skills to make installations function properly in-store. From complex technical installations to more straightforward displays in grocery and drug, Stephane excels at it all.

As a market expert in Quebec, Stephane shows up every day with a smile and takes great pride in seeing a job well done. Because his local retail stores are usually the hub of the bustling community, it’s crucial that Stephane quickly identifies key contacts in stores to allow him to execute quickly without being a disruption to the customer experience.

Store managers are busy with customers, as it’s their priority, so it’s up to Stephane to clearly and efficiently communicate the purpose of each visit when he arrives. Maximizing the little face time he does get with store managers, helps them maintain visibility of his important work in their store.

Premium Canada Director of Operations Rebecca Storie says, “Stephane consistently takes on work to support the team with great passion and perfectionism, never leaving the store until he and the store [personnel] are satisfied. He also executes merchandising projects with a strong sense of pride, and he truly respects the role his stores often play in his local community.”

Stephane explained that he loves the feeling of accomplishment that comes with every project, saying “No matter how complex the task, what I enjoy most is the feeling that I get when I execute well. It gives me great satisfaction.”

Stephane emulates the key characteristics of successful Premium team members in the Quebec market: enthusiasm, motivation, pride, and, most importantly, a deep level of passion for his local community and the businesses within it.