Premium analysis drives incremental sales at Walmart.

Improving on-hand inventory generated sales and growth.

Our proprietary predictive analytics technology provided the foundation for Premium to deliver a customized strategy for a major electronics manufacturer at Walmart.



Week from analysis to implementation




Points of distribution improved


Over the last 20 years, Premium has deployed a best-in-class predictive analytics engine exclusively for Walmart’s suppliers. The cloud-based Premium Max platform unleashes custom algorithms to mine real-time business data for areas of opportunity.

In this case, we suspected a phantom inventory issue at the store level. Phantom or ghost inventory is the number one store-level issue preventing sales in every product category, from electronics to grocery and beauty. Corrections to GRS – Walmart’s inventory management system – can generate supply chain efficiency, massive and sustainable growth, and improved customer experience.

We started by analyzing the client’s supply chain, logistics and category management data from Walmart’s RetailLink system. We engaged Premium subject matter experts to prescribe a treatment plan and revise future sell-through forecasts to reflect the recommended corrections. We communicated our findings with Walmart to ensure we had a shared foundational knowledge of the issue and implemented store-item level forecast adjustments based on those findings.

The results were clear – historical data showed relatively flat sales trends. The week our changes to the forecasting policy were processed, we witnessed an immediate and exponential change in the client’s sales growth rate. The client could not attribute the growth to any other event or promotional activity.

We optimized product deliveries, right-sized product inventory across stores, and decreased sales lost due to zero on hands with a multi-prong strategy. Without Premium’s analysis, the client’s incremental category sales would not have been realized.

We drive growth at Walmart.

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