Craft a merchandising plan that covers all the angles with Merch360.

Retail moves at the speed of life. Consumers want the right product at the best price. And they want it now. Ours is an on-demand world.

But today’s retailer has fewer feet on the floor. And manufacturers are stretched thin trying to maintain products and displays at shelf level. This struggle impacts the customer’s moment of truth, that critical period of time in which a purchase decision is made or abandoned.

At that key moment, retailers and manufacturers rely on Premium’s end-to-end retail merchandising program. Merchandising is different at Premium. It’s not a commodity. Our approach is custom tailored for each client and absolutely comprehensive from planning through deployment, execution, reporting and refinement.

At Premium, it’s not just merchandising. It’s Merch360 and it ensures:

  • Product is available and easily accessible to customers
  • Placement is in compliance with planogram
  • Pricing is clear and accurate
  • Promotional materials are present and in top shape
  • People — and what will persuade them to purchase in that moment — are considered above all else
  • Work is completed and reported on time

From project work to category programs, simple packouts to complex store remodels, Merch360 provides an unparalleled end-to-end merchandising solution designed to meet the needs of each individual client — and most importantly — their customers.