Premium Proud

Every day, our people earn the name Premium.

Premium Proud recognizes and rewards top-performing field team members. We accept nominations year-round and identify 40 winners each quarter who receive a $250 USD (or CAD equivalent) bonus.

Created and developed by Premium’s Culture Team to encourage and support our pivotal field reps, Premium Proud is a way for all of Premium to witness our field team’s wins. Learn more about the program below!

Nominate a Rep

Who qualifies for Premium Proud recognition?

Any Premium field reps may be nominated, regardless of their location, hours worked, or assigned team. Corporate employees are not eligible at this time.

When nominating a teammate (or yourself), consider if the nominee:

  1. Went above and beyond the typical day-to-day parameters of the job description
  2. Represented Premium’s core beliefs:

How do I nominate someone or myself?

Nominating someone for Premium Proud couldn’t be easier! Simply fill out a quick form – it should take less than 5 minutes. Feel free to submit multiple nominations. Pictures of the rep and/or their story are welcome.

We encourage clients, retail partners, Premium corporate team members, and reps themselves to create Premium Proud submissions, and share #PremiumProud moments on social!

Nominate a Rep

Thanks for taking the time to recognize these exceptional moments which will lead to fantastic rewards!

What happens when someone is nominated?

A committee confirms each nominee:

  • Has at least a 3.5 Star Rating
  • Is in good standing with the company
  • Went above and beyond their typical job duties

All qualifying nominees will receive a Premium Proud lapel pin and certificate, a 100-point Star Rating bonus and shout outs on social media.

Each quarter, all qualified submissions (per the above requirements) have the chance to win $250 USD (or CAD equivalent)! That means Premium will write bonus checks to 160 winners each year!

Additionally, each qualifying rep is placed into the running for the Field Excellence Award, Premium’s most prestigious annual field recognition.

Our team members make us #PremiumProud!