Our People

Leading the way.

Premium’s senior leadership represents decades of retail experience in roles with Best Buy, Walmart, Home Depot, and several leading consumer brands. Our executives work closely with clients, bringing their energy and insights into day-to-day operations.

Leading the way.
Brian Travers
Kevin Travers
Bill Campbell
David Yenzer
President, Syndicated/PSP
Dick Doyle
President, AS&T
Olaf Strom
President, Retail Services Canada
Sandy Clarke
EVP, Canada
Melissa Raethka
EVP, Field Operations
Pat Balkenbush
EVP, Human Resources
Brian Cameron
EVP, Marketing and Communications
John Steinhubl
EVP, Business Development
Paul DeCarlo
EVP, Mass
Michael Shehadeh
Nique Fajors
EVP, Strategic Accounts & Organizational Development
Dan Meehan
EVP, Information Technology
Kris Ventimiglia
VP, Enterprise Compliance
Kevin Werner
VP, Sales and Operations
Sonya Verheyden
VP, Business Development and Customer Success – Canada
Chuck Avercamp
VP, Strategic Accounts
Bill Faulkner
VP, Finance
Kathy Risch
VP, Consumer Insights and Analytics
Tom Maria
VP, Strategic Accounts
Terri Rago
VP, Strategic Accounts
Tim Fox
VP, Strategic Accounts – Canada
Jessi Curtis
VP, Strategic Accounts
Dawn Hopper
VP, Strategic Accounts