Walmart Wireless Program

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When Walmart needed an expert salesforce in their wireless section, they called Premium. We expanded our high-performing and service-oriented sales team to drive technology sales in stores and beyond.



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Since 2018, Premium’s Wireless Sales Pros have been the go-to wireless experts within the Walmart store, helping shoppers with new phone sales, activations, upgrades and accessories.

Since our partnership began, our store coverage has grown by 274% to meet the retailer’s growing needs. Our leadership team works closely with Walmart to define and guide future strategies. We place a strong focus on a high standard of customer service and performance results with our consumer sales reps. Our field leaders train their in-store teams by providing coaching and development.

A Premium Walmart Wireless employee helps a customer

Premium has received accolades for opening new stores on schedule and delivering immediate sales results while building relationships with Walmart associates. Our sales teams bring brand and category expertise to every customer interaction, and leverage shopper insights to adapt strategies, strengthen messaging and grow wireless sales at Walmart.
Since the inception of the program, we have been the only company to act as both a Wireless Sales Provider and Preferred Service Provider, with Walmart-dedicated merchandising and sales teams.

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