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Surprising consumers with Hatchimals release.


In just one day, the Premium team located, unboxed, packed out and set Hatchimals Surprise product in 88% of retail locations across the U.S. – exceeding the original execution goal of 80% completion on product launch day.

locations completed in one day
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Because Premium exceeded goals in 2016, children's entertainment manufacturer Spin Master challenged us to deliver beyond what's expected for it's Hatchimals Surprise launch in 2017 by increasing completion goals by 20%. To have a successful launch, Spin Master wanted to complete more than 5,000 stores across Walmart, Toys R Us and Target locations with a completion rate of 80%.

What We Did
Quality Assurance


Premium reps were deployed to the target stores where they met with store managers upon arrival to discuss the job at hand. Then, reps used planogram materials to locate the space where the Hatchimals product should be placed and pull available product from stock / back rooms to pack out.

Once all product was placed on shelves reps used our proprietary QTrax system to report execution results and provide photo validation.

Premium’s proven team of merchandisers ultimately located, unboxed, packed out and set the new Hatchimals Surprise product in 88% of the retail locations, which exceeded the original goal of 80% for launch.

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We exceeded expectations for Spin Master, now what can we do for you?

We are extremely happy about the completion rate in the first day and the results are showing through the registers.
– Tony Porciello, Director of Retail Operations, Spin Master

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