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Record-setting retail install.


Premium partnered with one of the industry’s most notable smartphone manufacturers to launch a new product in more than 2,000 Best Buy and Verizon stores in just 48 hours.



To support the iconic launch of its new smartphone, Premium’s client needed a sound strategy and concrete field infrastructure to successfully deploy launch activities in a short period of time.

What we did
Business Intelligence
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Quality Assurance


Premium prepared for the launch by carefully mapping stores and establishing quality assurance infrastructure to enable quick resolution of challenges. To monitor and interpret execution in real-time, Premium custom-built a robust business intelligence dashboard.

Due to the launch being undisclosed to the public, Premium reps were not given client or product specifics. Maintaining confidentiality while communicating amongst a large program team increased the challenge in preparing for execution.

Two weeks prior to the launch, reps completed eLearning courses covering the special skills they would need in order to be successful. Once the client publicly announced the launch, Premium leveraged our livestream training platform to supplement the prior eLearning course with a more comprehensive video outlining execution requirements. Through the interactive platform, reps were able to view product details for the first time and ask follow-up questions. Additional step-by-step training videos were made available for reps to reference while in-store.

The public announcement also served as a starting pistol for the deployment of more than 4,000 service orders to 1,400 reps. The field team executed an average of 75 stores per hour – a 127% increase over the prior year’s product launch. In just 32 hours, 97% of stores had been visited with 92% compliance. By Thursday evening, we completed visits to 2,113 Best Buy and Verizon stores with 95% compliance.

Simultaneously, at Premium HQ, a ‘war room’ of on-call support team members monitored progress. The Premium Business Intelligence dashboard pinpointed challenges at the store level, triggering support staff to connect with the rep. In the first 24 hours, Premium’s Retail Contact Center and Retail Operations Center fielded 1,052 calls to help reps through the execution. Being able to easily identify concentrated issues allowed Premium the agility to tackle obstacles in real time.

Additionally, the dashboard enabled client teams to view real-time execution, with interactive mapping illustrating the second a rep entered the store and when the store was complete. In less than 48 hours, Premium successfully executed 100% of stores, ensuring the newly launched product was readily available for customers to discover and purchase.

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“One of Premium’s strengths is its ability to adapt to change. In a technology company, a lot of things happen last minute. Premium is very quick to figure out ways to solve our problems.”

Stellar smartphone support.

Premium installed 3,500 phones in 2,000 Best Buy and Verizon stores in just 1.5 days, releasing instructions and deploying 1,600 reps immediately following the new smartphone announcement.