Solutions: COVID-19 Contact Tracing

COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Responding to a Crisis

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread at an alarming rate, the need for scalable contact tracing solutions is undeniable. 

Premium’s expertise in building and managing remote workforces coupled with our US-based contact center and leading reporting technology positions us to be a crucial partner in the fight to stop COVID-19.

Our Approach

Hiring & Training

Premium has provided skilled outsourced labor since 1985. With over 15,000 field employees and a team of over 40 recruiters and on-demand interviewing tools, Premium can quickly mobilize contact tracers anywhere in the US.

Contact tracers will be trained and certified in accordance with local, CDC, and Johns Hopkins guidelines by our team of expert trainers. And our online learning platform will facilitate fast, efficient certification, regardless of location.

Contact Center Technology

Premium’s contact center is staffed by dozens of experienced communications professionals using NICE inContact CXone, the world’s number one cloud customer experience contact center platform. With autodialing features, secure inbound and outbound call capabilities, and predictive AI-powered insights, Premium can rapidly reach a high volume of contacts in very short order. 

Reporting & Assessment

Premium’s proprietary technology platform is called QTrax. With QTrax, our contact tracing team securely collects data from a list of contacts, and tracks contacts throughout the tracing lifecycle. From initial assessment to final patient follow-up, QTrax helps ensure all contacts receive end-to-end guidance and support.

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Timely data is critical to shaping and refining an effective contact tracing program. Premium’s business intelligence platform provides intuitive dashboards, data drilldown, and ultimately key insights. And our team of applied statistics experts help drive data-oriented decisions thanks to the marriage of data and expertise. 

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