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Trusting Premium's power at Walmart.


Premium deployed reps to more than 3,700 Walmart stores in less than three weeks to improve Duracell sidekick, clip strip and fixture performance. Within just 9 weeks, Premium reps packed out more than 174,000 cases and significantly improved performance.

increase in sidekicks in just 9 weeks
clip strip improvement over closest competitor
increase over pre-existing fixtures


Many partners choose Premium because of our proven ability to move beyond what's expected when it comes to execution - especially when it comes to large-scale merchandising programs. With Duracell, there was no exception.

In 2017, Duracell chose Premium to staff more than 3,700 Walmart stores in an effort to increase sales by improving execution in sidekicks, clip strips and various fixtures.

As a result of Premium's improvement in those areas, Duracell has seen a steady increase in POS, including a double digit jump in sales for 4 weeks compared to the same timeframe in 2016.

What We Did
Display Builds & Maintenance
Pack Out


Because of a large scale field team, strategically placed management and overall flexibility, Premium was able to meet Duracell’s staffing requirements within just 3 weeks.

To ensure superior results, Premium created a Brand Ambassador program to focus on critical markets across the country. Brand Ambassadors work to build relationships with store associates and share best practices with field reps to find success for Duracell.


Buttoned up results.

Resetting 400 SKUs in 17 hours.