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Merchandising with quality and consistency.


Premium is at your service, as Rite Aid’s exclusive merchandising services provider.

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In 2020, Rite Aid named Premium as the sole provider for its Retail Execution Program (REP), challenging us to increase our total number of executed store hours by more than 15%.

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On-Shelf Availability
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Demonstrated expertise.

Our partnership with Rite Aid originated when Premium converted an acquired drugstore chain into Rite Aid stores within five days, finishing the entire project more than 40 days ahead of schedule.

We continued to demonstrate exceptional efficiency and scalability of critical initiatives, including Rite Aid’s complex cosmetics category resets, which can require up to 100 labor hours in many stores.

As a result of our successful track record, Premium became Rite Aid’s exclusive merchandising services provider in January 2020.


A strategic partnership.

The Retail Execution Program (REP) ensures quality in-store execution from trained, certified and experienced merchandisers. It also provides the supplier and Rite Aid with greater visibility of in-store performance and ensures Rite Aid Merchandising and Category Managers approve projects.

Premium performs weekly continuity coverage cycles and offers 15-minute projects for suppliers with qualifying retail activities. Our proprietary QTrax platform provides suppliers with full access to live store-level reporting and execution metrics. Individual store photos are available for $1 each.


End-to-end solutions.

Whether you’re looking for merchandising support in a subset of stores or chain-wide, Premium can develop a customized plan to meet your business needs. Trust your products and displays to Premium’s team of experts who completed more than 275,000 hours in Rite Aid stores in 2020. Contact us to get started on your next Rite Aid merchandising initiative.

We did it for Rite Aid. See how we can do it for you.


Your strategic partner at Walgreens.

Premium is the one-stop-solution for any supplier merchandising at Walgreens.


Eclipsing expectations with Premium's Launchpad solution.

After setting records during a 2018 smartphone launch for one of the most innovative smartphone manufacturers, Premium upped the ante by increasing the store count by 5.5% while executing 100% within 48 hours.