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Premium merchandisers placed baby products, header signage and side panels on The Honest Company endcaps in over 1,200 Walgreens stores, 5 days ahead of schedule.

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The Honest Company challenged Premium to build endcaps in 1,200+ Walgreens stores in 2 weeks.

What We Did
Graphics and Signage Execution
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When Premium Retail Specialists arrived at Walgreens stores, they met with the store manager to explain the job. Then, reps located items in the backroom, removed existing products and built The Honest Company displays. Additionally, they ensured all baby products, mylars and signage were placed correctly on endcaps.

Reps were able to successfully build Honest Co. endcaps in 93.4% of stores visited. Once the display had the correct signage and product was placed, our Retail Specialists used our proprietary QTrax system.

Because of Premium’s flexibility, collaboration and communication network, we were able to visit 95.8% of stores in half the time allotted. By the end of the second week, our team visited 100% of the 1,200+ Walgreens stores.

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“Dealing with 5,000 different retail locations can be a bit daunting. The reason it’s not daunting for me is that Premium is delivering on our behalf.”

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Resetting 400 SKUs in 17 hours.