The rubber meets the road in stores.

Premium’s entire team of over 6,000 representatives is an all W2 workforce.  Never contractors.  Our people are background and reference checked.  They’re trained and certified to excel on every program they touch.  From simple pack outs to complex display builds, Premium clients count on our team to deliver excellence.

A smart workforce gets smarter with the right technology.  Premium’s team uses smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in stores to complete work, capture photos and report results.  And with Premium’s proprietary QTrax Mobile tool, technology is our window to in-store conditions.

Managing a large field team takes experience.  And Premium’s Retail Market Managers have it.  Coming from a variety of retail backgrounds, many began their Premium careers as field representatives.  They know firsthand how to succeed in stores.  Strategically located in markets all across the United States, this team of managers helps us find the right people.  They train.  They mentor.  They demand accountability and they celebrate success.  In short, they are the vital piece that manages day to day in-store work for our clients.