Sometimes, off the rack just doesn’t cut it.

London’s Savile Row is synonymous with fine, perfectly tailored clothing.  The tailors of Savile Row use a single word to describe their made-to-order garments:  bespoke.

Nothing is ever one-size-fits-all, and bespoke garments are made to fit a particular individual.  Premium’s Specialty Programs are similar.

Premium’s Specialty Programs are our version of bespoke garments.  They’re designed from scratch to suit your needs.  Premium’s consultative approach informs everything we do.  Often, our solutions like Merch 360 and LIFT Assisted Sales fit like a glove.  But when you need something that’s a bit more complex or multifaceted, no one in the retail services industry can match Premium.  Many don’t even try.  Premium takes the time to do it right.  You won’t find a cookie cutter in our drawer.

We will build your program to your specifications, no matter how complex.  We bring the experience to help you figure it out.  From planning through account management, execution and reporting, Premium’s Specialty Programs are driven by mutually agreed upon KPIs and are built to any scale you need.

Ask any Premium client why they chose us and the answer is often the same:  Premium listens.  We plan.  We execute, report and refine.

Retail tailored to make you look your best.  Specialty Programs, a Premium exclusive.