Win hearts and minds for your brand with Mindshare retail associate training.

During the American Revolution, John Adams recognized that the real revolution was in the “hearts and minds” of the people.  He knew that their perceptions and preferences were what really shaped outcomes. Retail is a far less savage battleground, but brands that command the greatest share of store associates’ hearts and minds are often the brands that win. Mindshare taps into the sales and training talents of Premium’s LIFT assisted selling experts, but with a different audience:  the retail associate.  By educating and empowering these associates, your sales force expands and outpaces the competition.  The brand message becomes mobilized.  Evangelized.  Ultimately powerful and far-reaching. Premium’s Mindshare program begins in close partnership with the brands themselves.  Together, Premium and the brand develops a highly customized training curriculum designed to make our in-store Mindshare reps into experts capable of conveying product features while building relationships to help win those store associates’ hearts and minds. Mindshare representative training tools and methodologies include:

  • Brand-specific training materials
  • Classroom training led by a certified brand expert
  • Online training and certification programs
  • Customized video productions designed to illustrate key features and benefits
  • Ongoing conference calls and open forum discussions
  • In-store mentoring
  • Mobile device training applications and interactive content

Mobilize the brand message outside your own ranks with Mindshare retail associate training.

Why send one man into the fight when Premium can help you build an army?