Numbers tell a story.

With the right analytics partner, those numbers – good or bad – can help shape and refine your programs at retail. Premium’s Retail Analytics team will partner with you to fill in the blanks and ensure you’re maximizing your opportunities and impacting your bottom line before it’s too late.

Some of the biggest brands in retail have partnered with Premium on the analytics front.  And the reason is simple:  we deliver.  Our approach is focused on providing actionable data that can help drive decisions and maximize ROI for ongoing programs.  But how do we do it?

  1. Resource deployment analysis that uses POS data to identify retail locations with sales growth potential, including the characteristics of successful locations against underperforming stores.
  2. Dashboard reporting with drill down capabilities to the store and even the SKU level to help evaluate program performance and adapt the approach quickly and efficiently.
  3. Upfront ROI analysis to determine payoff period along with benchmarking and post-program reporting to measure success and influence future engagements.

Our analysts aren’t just number crunchers. They are consultative and communicate with clients to understand their goals and more. They come from retail backgrounds and lean on that experience when creating analytics packages for our partners.  They understand retailer systems at a deep level.  Led by Winston Ledet, an MIT MBA and former head of strategy for Home Depot, Premium offers a deep bench of these analytics experts based in St. Louis, Missouri; Atlanta, Georgia; Ridgefield Park, New Jersey; and Bentonville, Arkansas.

Partner with our team and let your numbers tell their best story.  Retail Analytics by Premium.