The right materials.  The right place.  The right time.  National Logistics & Distribution Center.

With over 40,000 square feet of climate controlled storage space, Premium’s fulfillment center is centrally located near St. Louis, Missouri. Our experienced fulfillment coordinators are attentive to detail, double checking contents and addresses for accuracy and adhering to rigid quality control procedures.

Premium’s pick and pack staging center features over 100 feet of conveyor belt to help our staff expedite high-volume collating and kitting for:

  • Service forms
  • Workforce instructions
  • Planograms
  • POP materials
  • Display parts
  • Store-specific kits and more

We manage all of this with Fishbowl, a leading warehouse management system that provides a wealth of reporting capabilities for Premium clients.  And with Premium’s proprietary eFielding system, logistics is a snap, boasting seamless integration with UPS WorldShip software.

Put your best foot forward by arming Premium reps with pristine program materials warehoused and shipped by Premium’s National Logistics & Distribution Center.