When client’s choose Premium to perform work in stores, they place great trust in us as a partner.

We understand and value this trust.  In turn, we know that we owe our partners efficient project planning.  We owe them effective deployment.  We owe them superb execution and precise, timely reports.  So we built our own tool called QTrax to help us provide all this and more.

QTrax is Premium’s web-based enterprise management system.  It’s our real-time nerve center.  Largely regarded as an industry leading solution, QTrax is driven by modules that are designed to manage each step of effective in-store service.  Modules include:

  • Account Management Module to plan program scope, training, communication and tasks
  • Fielding to schedule resources and view deployment metrics in real-time
  • Employee Module to schedule coverage and report in-store conditions from various devices
  • Customer Module to provide clients with real-time reports and status updates via intuitive dashboards

And with QTrax Mobile, Premium’s workforce can access the system right from the sales floor on their iOS and Android devices.  Functions include:

  • Access to job instructions and training materials
  • Ability to update and view work calendar
  • Integration with GPS to identify job locations
  • Integration with device’s maps for driving directions
  • Data collection interface to easily respond to questions
  • Direct photo upload from device’s camera or photo library

QTrax is flexible and ever-evolving to meet the needs of our clients.  From viewing which stores’ endcaps were audited to viewing chain wide completion percentages, QTrax delivers quickly and intuitively.   If it’s custom data you want, QTrax even supports custom queries, right to your inbox.

Plan, deploy, execute and report.  All with QTrax, powered by Premium.