Cut through the noise with Premium Field Marketing.

How bombarded are you with information?  In just the past hour, think of how many messages you’ve received.  In this highly connected world, it’s easier than ever to send those communications into the ether.  But are they landing?  And if so, how?  Is your marketing creating results or is it just white noise?

Social.  Digital.  Word of mouth and much more.  Today’s retail marketer has to seamlessly weave it all together to deliver an engaging, integrated brand message that wins.  Premium can help you pull it all together with proven field marketing.

Premium Field Marketing includes:

  • Market intelligence (feet on the floor are the best competitive intelligence)
  • Event marketing (create excitement around a product)
  • Social media (forums, reviews, etc)
  • Product training (hands-on in store)

Utilizing a holistic approach to field marketing, Premium’s Field Marketing Representatives perform time tested and proven tactics to increase sales and mindshare. They’ll engage at both the retail and consumer level to train on and sell products and service offerings to achieve both strategic and tactical objectives. They’re also highly trained on demonstration, roadshow, and experiential special events that will be designed to get consumers hands-on with products during critical times of the retail season.

Premium’s Field Marketing services also include merchandising and auditing strategies designed to ensure precious shelf space and maintain the perfect product display presentation your product deserves. On top of all this, market and competitive intelligence are gathered as a core daily activity. All data and activities are then reporting using comprehensive and analytical tools.

By leveraging these resources and many more, Premium’s field marketing force crafts a highly focused approach to marketing brands at the customer level. Using assisted sales and training tactics in conjunction less conventional marketing methods, Premium finds the “sweet spot” for ensuring product mindshare and increased sell through.

Turn off the white noise with Field Marketing by Premium.