The phrase “word of mouth” is one we use every day. Long ago, human survival depended upon it.

When hunter/gatherers first began to farm, they learned through word of mouth how, when and where to hunt, gather and grow crops.  Word of mouth helped build communities.  It built infrastructure.  It built society.

Today, word of mouth is still our most powerful marketing tool.  It makes marketing personal.  We become attached to brands and products through shared experiences.  Word of these experiences spreads like a virus, influencing our friends, relatives and colleagues.  When a memorable brand experience engages us where we live, eat, work or play, our nature is to share it with others in person, on social media and much more.  Effective experiential marketing is the key to unlocking a world of possibilities for your brand in nontraditional retail environments.

Partner with Premium to create experiences that bond people and products.  With Premium Experiential Marketing, you can deliver your brand experience to consumers in unique and memorable ways, including:

  • Product sampling campaigns
  • Live event intercept opportunities
  • Mobile tours
  • Public relations events
  • Integrated multimedia engagements and more

While human survival no longer depends on word of mouth, brands today understand that traditional marketing doesn’t always work.

Create an experience that lasts with Premium Experiential Marketing.