What does an “Out of Order” sign say to you?

Some take it at face value:  this item isn’t functioning.  But to most shoppers in today’s on-demand world, “Out of Order” translates to “Not Worth Buying.”

Today’s consumer has more options than ever, so your interactive display better showcase the latest gaming release or the newest tablet at the moment the shopper engages.  If it doesn’t, that customer is left wanting and frustrated.  And you’ve lost the sale.  With fewer associates in stores, interactive displays are more important than ever.  But these sophisticated sales tools come at a cost.  And downtime is deadly.

Premium’s FastFix Display Maintenance program is designed to minimize downtime.  With FastFix, displays – no matter how sophisticated – are maintained and in proper working order when you need them most.

With FastFix, Premium will:

  • Warehouse your display components in our centralized, climate-controlled fulfillment center
  • Encourage store associates and field representatives to report display issues to Premium’s Retail Contact Center
  • Quickly ship the necessary parts to a certified Premium field representative near the problem display location
  • Repair the display, typically within 48 hours
  • Report the successful repair to Premium for client notification

Tear down the “Out of Order” sign and transform that display into an engaging interactive.

Fix it quickly.  Fix it right.  FastFix by Premium.