Powerful brands understand the value of a dedicated field workforce.

Feet on the floor make things happen in retail.  Imagine the power of a complete field services team solely dedicated to meeting your goals.

Retail merchandising.  Assisted selling.  Associate training.  You can have it all.  With Premium’s Dedicated Programs, your field workforce is yours.  They wear your brand on their sleeve.  They carry your business cards.  And they are a seamless extension of you.  This workforce is not shared, syndicated or used for any programs but yours.  So you get total commitment.  Total brand ownership.  Total authority on how your product is represented at the shelf.

At Premium, Dedicated Teams means focused account management and specially-selected market representatives that are time tested and proven.  We’ll work with you to determine your market needs or provide a nationwide leave-no-store behind retail service solution.  It’s your call.  After all, it’s your team.

Total commitment.  Total coverage.  Total results.  Dedicated Programs, the Premium way.