“I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.” – Socrates

Do you know who your customers are?  What makes them choose your product over a competitor’s?  And how will your new products perform at retail?  When you can answer these questions, you’re empowered to increase sales, reduce returns and improve your brand reputation.

But many of today’s retailers and manufacturers can’t answer these questions.  Even if your offering is better than your competitors, perception may not reflect it.  Don’t build an entire market research department.  Premium’s Consumer Insights team can help.

With Premium’s Consumer Insights, you can:

  • Identify key features that attract shoppers’ attention
  • Zero in on pain points to overcome
  • Focus sales and marketing efforts to better target customers
  • Provide products and services that shoppers both want and need

Our data comes from a variety of approaches to market research and shopper insights, including:

  • Primary user research using web-based panels to understand customer perceptions of product images, design, materials, colors, pricing and more
  • Secondary research via US Census and industry data

Our team employs real-world leadership experience in the space of consumer insights and market research for a broad spectrum of categories.  Plus, Premium is vertically integrated.  We own every step of the process.  This means amazing speed to market for you.

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