Lift product knowledge, sell through and ROI with Premium’s LIFT assisted selling program.

Once upon a time, televisions sat glowing in a wooden box.  Part furniture, part entertainment device, a set might include a remote (if you were lucky).  Today, television is the hub of an entertainment universe.  It’s fed by satellite.  By internet.  By external devices and more.  Key functions are controlled by menus buried in submenus.  No more knobs or simple dials.

Times have changed.

Consumers have changed as well.  They demand more information about these sophisticated products before they spend their hard-earned cash.  They want to understand features, benefits and the advantages of one product over another.  And while this information is often at their fingertips from online reviews and unboxing videos, there is no substitute for hands-on demonstration provided by an expert in store.  But where do customers turn when store associates lack the time or expertise to help?

Premium’s LIFT assisted selling program puts an expert in that store to engage those customers.  LIFT experts:

  • Are extensively trained on specific categories, products and brands
  • Engage customers to understand their unique lifestyles, needs and budgets
  • Showcase a practical, in-depth knowledge of the product and how it works
  • Recommend the appropriate product
  • Answer customer questions
  • Overcome customer objections
  • Suggest upgrades and add-ons
  • Close sales with direct selling expertise

A vital tool in the growing battle against “showrooming,” LIFT provides expertise at the shelf.  So instead of customers examining a product in the store and later purchasing that item online, LIFT helps close the deal then and there.

From simple food demonstrations to sales of high-end televisions, LIFT positively impacts sell through and ROI for clients in all trade channels.  And LIFT experts can be an extension of the brand, blending seamlessly into the team.

Bolster the bottom line and bridge the gap between yesterday and tomorrow with LIFT assisted selling, powered by Premium.