TV’s Mad Men  beautifully illustrated the key to effective account management. 

Lead character Don Draper – legendary for his creativity – begrudgingly admitted to Roger Sterling, the agency’s head of accounts, that he could sell ideas but he wasn’t a great account man like Roger. Roger’s response: “You’re not good at relationships because you don’t value them.” Relationships count.  And Premium values them. Premium calls its account management team Client Services for a very simple reason:  their entire purpose is to serve our clients.  Led by Team Directors averaging more than 20 years of retail experience, Client Services acts as a direct pipeline between Premium and each client.  The team is aligned by channel to ensure we get inside your business.  We understand your objectives.  We live them.  We breathe them. From our Client Services group in St. Louis to dedicated teams embedded onsite at client locations, Premium’s Client Account Directors are responsible for:

  • Championing customer requests internally at Premium
  • Creating all program plans, instructions and reporting questions
  • Communicating work to Premium’s operations team
  • Monitoring field level results
  • Generating timely reports
  • Analyzing results and trends
  • Identifying opportunities and offering consultative advice for refinements and improvements

Relationships thrive on communication.  So Premium’s Client Services team holds regular standing meetings with our key clients to make sure we’re all on the same page.  Technology also plays a big part in sharing instructions and results.  QTrax – Premium’s proprietary web-based tool – features a custom-built account management module.

From project setup to defining data points, training materials, store lists, reporting real-time project status and more, QTrax lets Client Services focus our attention completely where it belongs:  on you.