Kellogg’s selected Premium to seamlessly plan, execute, and report on their Back to School merchandising program at all Sam’s Club locations. 


Premium engaged Kellogg’s to understand their needs, goals, and potential challenges. Quickly, Premium customized a previsit, visit, and postvisit approach supported by our Retail Contact Center (RCC) for Kellogg’s. First, the previsit allowed Premium Representatives to accept the Kellogg’s preorder from store management at every Sam’s Club store. Next, the field team executed 100% of the store visits, where team members placed pallet wraps, set POGs, the cartrail and endcaps. Finally, during the postvisit, Premium Representatives added pallets to the sales floor and communicated the program’s extension with store management. To reduce in-store visits by team members and costs to Kellogg’s, Premium’s RCC completed calls to each of the Sam’s Club stores to confirm the accuracy of Kellogg’s pallet orders.


Premium’s previsits to all 624 Sam’s Club stores sold 1,830 pallet preorders for Kellogg’s, achieving an incredible combined execution score of 99.90% across the three stages of this program, delighting Kellogg’s and ensuring back to school shoppers were ready for busy mornings.